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"Prevent logged-in users from editing from this IP address" option is visible on Special:Block with accounts
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It seems to have started over the last week (according to others I've talked to), but I noticed that when using Special:Block to apply a block to an account, the "Prevent logged-in users from editing from this IP address" option is visible when it should not be. If you click in the form and try to input a block duration into the text input box, the option disappears as soon as you try to do so.

After the block is set on an account (even one that I blocked for only one minute and with all options un-ticked - see image), returning to Special:Block to change the block settings will display that same option, and the option will be ticked as enabled.

It seems to just be a UI thing; I don't notice any impact on the blocks themselves and IP / IP range blocks remain unaffected since the option is supposed to be available with them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Simply navigate to
  2. Set a block duration (the option disappears). Block the test account as usual (feel free to block my Oshwah-TEST account; it's completely fine).
  3. Return to Special:Block/Oshwah-TEST

BlockShot.jpg (618×737 px, 108 KB)

After opening Special:Block.

BlockShot1.jpg (457×723 px, 55 KB)

After setting a block duration and the option disappears.

BlockShot2.jpg (536×724 px, 85 KB)

After applying a block and returning to the block form.

Event Timeline

Timing-wise, I suspect this is related to T208649, where the oversight block option is hidden in the same way.