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Trying to construct an `edit` URL on votewiki times out
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The edit link is greyed out on votewiki, generally, so to see the config for previous elections one generally has to:

  1. Click list
  2. Change list to edit in the URL

This used to bring up the config for the election as if you had clicked edit on a current election. However, doing so now just results in endless loading and a timeout.

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Huji triaged this task as High priority.Nov 16 2018, 1:41 AM
Huji added a subscriber: Bawolff.

This has to be related to T209656 so I am adding @Bawolff and setting the same priority (especially considering that ENWP Arb Com elections are only a few days away).

Of note, this again only occurs on votewiki (as in, on my own test wiki, things work just fine).

jrbs claimed this task.

Appears fixed by T209802#4757707 and confirmed working for me now.