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Playback for musical notation files hosted on Wikimedia Commons
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Extension:Score can already play LilyPond files. In the event that musical notation files are allowed to be uploaded to Commons, it may be desirable to allow their playback, possibly using the normal file syntax rather than the <score> extension tag. Note that MIDI files can presently only be played through the <score> tag.

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As another option, LGPL Verovio also does playback of MusicXML (used by everyone) , MEI (a format used extensively by academics for PD works), Plaine & Easie (librarians), ABC, and **kern (still figuring that one out). However, it is Javascript-heavy.

FWIW Verovio is written in C++ and has a very fast command-line interface. It can be compiled to JavaScript using emscripten, but if you just want an SVG of the score to display, you can run it server-side.