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New two column edit conflict design should not contain edit icon when it can't be edited
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Get into an edit conflict with the beta feature on (or just look on this image:,_status_October_2018.png)
  2. Choose a version (e.g. before) and try to click to the pencil icon in the other version.

Expected behavior
The icon shouldn't be there or should open an edit dialog

Current behavior
The icon does nothing instead, which was really confusing to me

My first experience with the new design
I've chosen left (his) version and tried to click to a pencil icon in the right version (not noticed the same icon in the left version). Nothing happenned. I was confused, tried to click the icon multiple times unable to edit anything. I solved my first experience by leaving the interface. Next time I noticed the second identical pencil icon.

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