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Backfill ORES Hadoop scores with historical data
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Run a maintenance script which backfills batches of old revisions until we have the complete set of scores in Hive. Hitting the /precache endpoint is simple and should work, but we might need to optimize to avoid the extra traffic going through changeprop.

We might want to implement a new URL parameter to prevent these scores from diluting the Redis or MediaWiki caches of recent revisions.

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Important change of plans—We're discussing backfilling, and it might be best to allow mismatched model versions in the dumps for now. In other words, go ahead and backfill with whatever the current model version is. Normalized data will continue to be segregated by model version, but the monthly "current" and "historical" dumps will patch together whatever scores are available, simply taking the newest model version used to score each revision.

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Since there's no assignee here, I'll move it to backlog, feel free to fix.

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