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Unable to login to Striker
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I just created a toolforge account connected to my (hopefully future) bot account, DannyS712_bot. After creating the account, I went to log in, but I couldn't. I tried every possible username (DannyS712_bot, DannyS712bot, dannys712_bot, etc) with my password but it just wouldn't work. Is there a way to reset my account? There wasn't a "forgot username or password" button. Please help

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Hi @DannyS712, could you please provide exact steps to reproduce, including URLs? Where exactly did you try to log in?
Also see

I was at and I put in the login I had just created (created at It didn't work.
When I tried to make the account again, just in case it hadn't registered, I was told that "Wikimedia account is already in use."

Did you try DannyS712 bot instead of DannyS712_bot, i.e. with the underscore changed to a space?

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krenair@bastion-01:~$ ldapsearch -xLLL "cn=DannyS712 bot" uid cn
dn: uid=dannys712,ou=people,dc=wikimedia,dc=org
cn: DannyS712 bot
uid: dannys712
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bd808 added a comment.Nov 19 2018, 5:05 PM

There wasn't a "forgot username or password" button.

This is a known issue: T174469: LDAP account that is not attached on wikitech has no means for password reset

I have attached the DannyS712 bot developer account on Wikitech. This will let you use Wikitech's password reset feature to reset the password of your new developer account. I am not currently seeing any sign of repeated failed password attempts in the LDAP directory entry for this account.

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bd808, thanks for attaching the account! There wasn't any sign of repeated failed attempts because, to be honest, I had completely forgotten about the issue. I have logged in, and it works! Thanks