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field tag no longer respects "values from concept"
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It looks like PageForms does no longer respect |values from concept= . The Concept: itself work but on formfields like this:

{{{field|MYFIELD|input type=dropdown|values from concept=MYCONCEPT|mandatory}}}

The dropdown stays empty and I can't add any values to the form any more.

The Concept looks like this

[[Kategorie:MYCATEGORY]] [[MYPROPERTY::wahr]]
| [[:Kategorie:MYCATEGORY|MYCATEGORY]] die das [[Attribut:ist Geschäftspartner]] ''wahr'' gesetzt haben.

This behaviour came up after update to current Version of MW SMW and PF.

MW 1.31.1
SMW 3.0.0
PF 4.4.1

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I don't know where this was fixed, but it seems to be working now in the latest master version.
5.2.1 (865b070) 06:19, 28. Sep. 2021
in MW 1.35.3 and SMW 3.2.3 (5619c2d)

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