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Html2Wiki hangs up and does not convert the file
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I have mediawiki just installed version 1.31. Installed on Ubuntu 14. Version PHP 7.2. When I try to upload this file

HTML2Wiki just hangs, long spinning wheel and nothing happens. I tried to add link tags to a file, but nothing helped. Tried to reinstall PHP, pandok and tydi, also unsuccessfully. Help me please with this problem. The extension was installed according to the instructions.
Thank you in advance!

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@Sferg008: Hi and welcome! Just to make sure, did @freephile explicitly agree to be the assignee of this task? Thanks!


Honestly, I do not know. This is my first time here and assigned him a task as an extension developer. Should I ask his consent to the appointment?

Aklapper added a subscriber: freephile.

Thanks. :) It's up to developers to decide what they plan to work on. We want to avoid the impression that somebody is already working on this task as it also allows others to potentially work on fixing this task.

Someone help me please. It is very important for me. But I don’t have any ideas on what is not working.

@Sferg008, glad you were able to get Html2Wiki installed and running. I have not had time to focus on Html2Wiki development at all, so if you've got any info to share (on the talk page, or project page) that would help others, (or patches) for running on MW1.31 that would be great!

Thanks for the answer! But I am stuck with this problem and do not know what to do. I hoped you would help, maybe I missed something.


This is not some internet forum or support channel, but a database to track issues. Please refrain from such postings. Thanks. :)