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Several edits appear twice in AbuseLog
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Since a few weeks, I keep noticing some edits appearing twice in the AbuseLog. The weird thing is, both entries really refer to the same edit, because the filter is set to block and every entry reads "actions taken: block". For instance, take a look at this on itwiki (requires privileged access, but I couldn't find public examples). You can see double entries for and (actually 3 entries!). Or here, two entries for
I don't know what's going on here, sounds like the EditFilterMergedContent hook is sometimes called twice. These edits don't seem to have peculiarities, though. I'd like to hear some thoughts by someone else, and I'd also like to know whether these edits have anything logged in logstash.

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Daimona created this task.Nov 19 2018, 7:41 PM
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In the best scenario this only makes logs a bit messy. However we cannot exclude that something is broken underneath.

Also 2001:b07:644a:8acb:9c3b:12c4:485b:670b in this log.

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A bit more of investigation: for filter 473, since it has blocking enabled, the first duplicated entry I could find is for October 29th (see AbuseLog for the user). For filter 232, I could find an entry for October 10th, one for September 29th, the previous one from June and then other 14 duplicated entries since March 2017. Sounds like the problem isn't new, although sincerely I never noticed it before (and it's still a nice idea to fix it). However, I don't really know what to search for, aside from logstash entries, if any.

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FTR this is still happening, see abuselog. I don't have possible explanations, though.