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Upload of the RecordWizard is malfunctioning
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Pamputt renamed this task from Upload of the RecordWizard is dysfunctionning to Upload of the RecordWizard is malfunctioning.Nov 19 2018, 9:13 PM
Pamputt created this task.

The Upload2Commons extension seems to be malfunctioning since the upgrade from REL1_30 to REL1_31. It defines two new user rights, "remoteupload" (to upload any files to commons) and "remoteuploadown" (to upload your own files to commons). By default, basic user only need the second to use the RecordWizard, only administrator had the first right. But since the upgrade, the extension asks for both rights to be set.

As a temporary fix, I've granted the "remoteupload" right to everybody, and in fact it's not problematic for our usecases on Lingua Libre, but the issue still should to be fixed (I'll create a separate task to track this).