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node SSR - mediawiki (wb) HTTP request follow-up [2*2h]
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Brain dump

  • timeout - Timeout is built into axios but by default is ∞. If set this time should be more than the mediawiki -> SSR request so we don't give up too early. T218080
  • custom user agent incl. version information of the termbox system performing the request (feature creep?) T218054
  • caching T218053
    • in-process caching of e.g. messages => Probably only 1 or 2 instances. We should anticipate the instances won't live forever.
  • response health stats (also to allow us to explain SSR's response times [given we can't be quicker than the APIs we depend on])? Response health stats can be dug out of hadoop given enough entropy to find them e.g. UA. This could be slow so @Addshore recommends logging extra slow/failed requests to logstash T218081


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