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Test Kartotherian/Tilerator with node 10
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In anticipation of the upgrade to node 10 by April 2019, we should test that npm install and the Docker deploy repo builds work with node 10.

The npm version will be the one corresponding to the specific node version in nvm.

This can probably wait until the move to Stretch is complete.

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Mholloway added a subscriber: MSantos.

Last week I tested Kartotherian/Tilerator with a proper environment building mapnik pre-release master branch and node 10. The Dockerfile I created is here. I wrote a report and what I think that should be the strategy for the node 10 upgrade in another task at T213077: Migrate Kartotherian to node-mapnik >v4.2.1 to support libmapnik >3.1.x . I would say that this "investigation task" is ready for sign off.