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Investigate why init->loaded drop-off is so high in desktop wikitext metrics
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Only 42% of editors get to 'ready'/'loaded' from 'init'. In VE this is 92% which actually sounds reasonable, as there is no real reason for users to drop off at this stage.

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As I mentioned at the Editing offsite in December, my hypothesis is that the difference is due to 2010 wikitext editor init events triggered by bots.

Unlike the other interfaces and unlike with most of the other event types, the 2010 wikitext editor logs those events in MediaWiki when the edit page is generated, not when the client runs the JS on edit page. That would explain why bots (who usually don't run JS) loading the edit page would have a different effect on the two different editors.

As I discussed with @Esanders, this server-side logging seems like a strange choice that makes comparative analysis of the editors difficult. I think we should just switch to using client-side editing for all EditAttemptStep events, and see if this anomaly disappears.

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