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Headline property in Article schema should use page summary endpoint
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The headline property in the Article Schema (referred as SameAs schema) uses the Wikidata item description. But that description sometimes is not present,
and when it's present it's not descriptive enough - usually when description exists it's usually one - two words, or it says "Wikimedia list article" or "Wikimedia disambiguation page"
BTW, the best one I found so far is: -> 2.5 diesel 5 speed gearbox 1993

Instead of Wikidata item description we could use the Article summary which usually provides much better summary of an article (same what we use in the Page Previews).

Below (in comments) can find some results from Polish, Spanish and English Wikipedias.

developer notes

This faces the same problem as T142090 - page summary endpoint is in REST and there is not yet a recommended way for PHP to access the REST endpoints.

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75 articles from Polish Wikipedia (list taken from, 78% of articles do not have headline

PageWikidata Item IDdescriptionężczyźni) ujednoznaczniająca w projekcie Wikimedia metra w Barcelonieçułogosławiony_Ludwik ujednoznaczniająca w projekcie Wikimedia ujednoznaczniająca ujednoznaczniającaäyrynenłkarz fińskiówka_(rejon_rohatyński)ództwo_kujawsko-pomorskie)ś w województwie kujawsko-pomorskimówś w województwie lubelskim ujednoznaczniającaémaziełgorzata_Szewczyk zakonnica, błogosławiona katolickaílové_u_PrahyŚwiata_w_lotach_narciarskich_1983/1984ński_(1656)ąd_Larsa_Løkke_Rasmussena ujednoznaczniająca w projekcie Wikimediaściół_Krzyża_Świętego_w_Lubomierzuś w województwie wielkopolskimánkyści_z_RatuszaŻleb_(Krokiew)ętów_United_States_Navy_zatopionych_podczas_II_wojny_światowej w projekcie Wikimediaół_Lubelskich_Parków_Krajobrazowych'aękkiów_w_Górkach_Wielkich’s_Prize_for_Fiction ujednoznaczniającaçaoółnocnyłeksandr_Skipalskiźnica_(powiat_bocheński)ś w Małopolsce, w powiecie bocheńskimłkomirskaŁyżwiarstwo_szybkie_na_Zimowych_Igrzyskach_Azjatyckich_1999übbowściół_św._Stanisława_Biskupa_i_Męczennika_w_Żydowiełoska gminaŚwiata_w_Piłce_Ręcznej_Mężczyzn_1958ślarz) wioślarzŚwiata_2010Świętej_Marii

99 articles from Spanish Wikipedia (list taken from - 57% of articles do not have headline

PageWikidata Item IDdescriptionímaco_Soto_Borda bielorrusaón de Wikipedia de la costa occidental asturiana, en el concejo de Valdés, Españaō_Tanaka francesaálaga)ón de Ecuador una sal básica del cloruro de aluminio, un polímero de hidroxicloruro de aluminio.é_Dellagiovanna,_Wisconsin)'s_alright_for_fighting de anfibioämpfelbachón_de_Cúcuta de programaciónúsica uruguayaève francesa suecoística_de_la_feminidad de Betty Friedanágina de desambiguación de Wikimediaía_sexual social diferenciado por su orientación sexual o identidad de géneroâteauneuf-du-Faou francesaálbum de Poets of the Fallómez de John Howard Griffinómezígenes_canariosños_860écada del siglo IX de George R. R. Martinález_(humorista)ürthleóágina de desambiguación de Wikimediaídeo-Tele venezolano. neerlandés nacido en 1963ón_de_Rocafortón del Metro de Barcelonaíbal_Sánchez en Teruelénero de peces de Stefan Zweig italiano cubano estadounidenseéchalánico belga consonánticoón_en_la_SAT_en_Guatemalaésar de Steven Saylor francesa del departamento Yvelinesáticas_de_Zambiaículo de lista de Wikimediaōón_transitivaán de planta de aveéfonos_móvilesúsico alemánímpicos_de_Río_de_Janeiro_2016 y compositor mexicano de la primera parte del siglo XXño_salvaje químico militar alemán española estadounidense

292 articles from English Wikipedia (list taken from - 35% of articles do not have headline

PageWikidata Item IDdescription disambiguation page list article,_1893–1897 list articleıbükü,_Kastamonuørbye politician of insects in Bolton, Greater Manchester, England of Star Trek: The Next Generation (S3 E14) compound of insect planet from the Sun in the Solar System of insect film by Annelise Reenberg Family settlement in Malaysia President of fish footballer, Carpenter disambiguation page of insect,_3rd_Baronet politician boxer,_Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 footballer of insect name's_Eye_(song) by Wolfmother,_Michigan footballer anthem film sports coach single by Ian Dury Zealand rugby league player of Colombia Business Schoolály_Libercsey in Zeeland, the Netherlands Nazi concentration camp outside of Danzig (Gdańsk) in present-day Polandürstliche_Fuchsjagd–_Men's_100_metre_butterfly musiciančević actor–_Sarvodaya_ICT4D_Movement missionary–99_Boston_Celtics_season association football player education institution in Saitama Prefecture, Japan disambiguation page by Eleanore Myers Jewett designer, painter and graphic designer,_Sullivan_County,_Pennsylvania in eastern Sullivan County, Pennsylvania film by Robert Hartford-Davis,_Washington place in Wahkiakum County, Washington (state), USA of insects painter of arthropods by Gerard McMahon writer,_Asadabad's_Science_Prizes awards in New Zealand series and polic agent baseball player,_San_Francisco of fishón Sabha Constituency in Maharashtra artist and painter footballerívar_Municipality,_Falcón in the state of Falcón, Venezuela–_The_Best_of_Hue_and_Cry by Hue and Cry in India racer fashion designer of beetle States Army Medal of Honor recipient disambiguation page of insects poet and humanist politician politician film by Carl Froelich of Burkina Faso parish in Melgaço tennis player body of association football in Slovenia geologist and University of California, Davis facultyÉglise_Saint-Jean-de-Malte located in Bouches-du-Rhône, in Franceón_(disambiguation) disambiguation page–1934) by Howard Phillips Lovecraft blues shouter and jazz singer's_1st_congressional_district_special_election,_2008 Dutch surname disambiguation page colonial governorério_Carvalho_Santos politician of plant academic film by Oren Rudavsky, Menachem Daum,_1988 disambiguation page by Graf Orlock artist, composer, and pianist of the Imperial German Army in World War I writer and psychologist list article athletics competitor (1915-1996)–51_Segunda_División season of Amphibia,_Massachusetts) disambiguation page TV Channel English diplomat'_Union politician in Iran talent managerănciulești in Gorj County, Romania politician cinematographerénès_District of Algeria,_Ohio by Roy Orbison disambiguation pageé's_special_quarticónica_Cruz_Sánchez activist sculptor–Greece_bilateral_treaties by Beverly Cleary of plants Actor and writer,_Countess_of_Bristol association football player British TV miniseries starring Ben Cross and Clare Higgins, also shown in U.S. in 1983-1984 writer businessman diplomat Korean football player and managerŁagów disambiguation page–United_Arab_Emirates_relations swimmer of insect name–98_Football_Tournament actor football playeré of Slovakia writerône in Haute-Saône, France in Creuse, France diplomat of American and Canadian football film by Howard Avedis of plant football player writeråkon_Wium_Lie software engineer disambiguation page painter,_Vol._9:_Acid_Rock album politicianürst_(1913),_Missouri activist physician written by David Bowie and Brian Eno politician village located in South Gloucestershire, United Kingdom racer of bryozoans by U.D.O. in the United States of America disambiguation page grand ayatollah rugby league player name,_Tennessee community in Dyer County, Tennessee golferázy film disambiguation page by Karen Traviss swimmer, Olympic athlete, World championship silver medalist in Iran settlement in Saudi Arabia film actress from India in the 1970s basketball player and coach album of plant of fish footballer mathematician economist
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This is blocked by the same problems faced by T142090

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What are the length recommendations for this? Is about this? It says "Headlines should not exceed 110 characters." Aren't page previews extracts normally much longer?

We can limit TextExtracts summary just to once sentence or up 100 characters.

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Stalled on T142090

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