Oversighters should only be able to suppress a username for sitewide blocks (not partial blocks) via "Hide username from edits and lists" checkbox
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Via Special:Block, users with oversight permissions (and the hideuser right) can configure a block to both prevent a user from editing ("block") and scrub the UI of their username ("suppress"). On Test Wiki this is limited to only indefinite blocks, but it may be different across our various wikis.

Suppression is only appropriate for sitewide blocks. Defect: The Sp:Block UI allows an oversighter to suppress a user for a partial block.

Acceptance criteria

  • For users with the hideuser right...
    • On Special:Block, the "Hide username from edits and lists" checkbox should only appear if the radio button is set to "Sitewide"
    • If the person changes a suppressed sitewide block to a partial block, it should become unsuppressed.
    • API submissions to suppress for partial blocks should return an appropriate error message
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Change itself should be simple, but 5 because there will likely be a lot of if/then conditions. Some uncertaintly about log lines (do they become unsuppressed?)

And we should write tests