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Create a help page for 'Downloading user data' (with privacy email)
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We will provide a Help page for the User Data download described in T208636. There are two sections to this help page: 'About the user data download' and 'For Wikimedia wikis only'

'About the user data download' section

This section is for all wikis that use Mediawiki software. It includes:

  • A list of the information in the download.
  • Possibly some information about why the download is a JSON file and what users can do with it.
  • Possibly some information about what's not in the report and why.

'For Wikimedia wikis only' section

The main purpose of this section is to provide an email address/link for people who want to to pursue further privacy questions. This section will include three elements: an Intro, a link, and instructions.

  • Intro: We need to make clear that this section of the Help document pertains to Wikimedia wikis only. Something like this:
    • Header: Wikimedia wikis only
    • Intro text: This section applies only to wikis hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation—e.g., WIkipedias, Wikctionary, Wikivoyage, Wikidata, WikiBooks and related projects. Users of third-party wikis should contact their system administrators.
  • Link: to privacy{{@}}
  • Instructions: What exactly the people answering the email are offering to do is not clear just yet. @kaldari will work this out in collaboration with Legal.

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@jmatazzoni Is this ticket still relevant? With Ryan on a sabbatical, it might make sense to assign this to someone else.

Restricted Application added a subscriber: Liuxinyu970226. · View Herald TranscriptApr 2 2019, 10:12 PM

A prerequisite, T208636, was just +2ed.

@kaldari does the page exist yet? Let me know when I can look it over. Thanks.

@jmatazzoni - I added some new documentation at I still need to write up an email for Leighanna and Trust and Safety.

In T210007#5112599, @kaldari wrote:

@jmatazzoni - I added some new documentation at I still need to write up an email for Leighanna and Trust and Safety.

I added the link to the privacy email in the See Also section. If you want to do that someplace else, feel free to move.

So, can I add this page to the Project page yet and declare this project done? Or do you still need to work on the documentation more?

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