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renew civicrm certificate
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Hello - looks like my cert is expired and needs to be renewed so that I can access civicrm and the dashboard. Please let me know what I can do on my end to help renew. Thank you.

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@MNoorWMF I sent you a new cert on 11/13, can you check your mail from then?

Are you stateside at the moment? If so I can SMS the password.

Found it! Sorry I missed it, it's been a hectic few months. I am stateside currently. Should I share my mobile number in IRC or email?

@MNoorWMF I use what is listed on:

Is that current? If not you should be able to update that wiki.

yup that's current! the US number is perfect to send the SMS to. also, if you have the instructions for how to get that set up - I saved it in my bookmarks but can't seem to find it anymore.

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