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LDAP requests for Jeena Huneidi
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Please add @jeena / wikitech user "Jeena Huneidi" (new member of the Release-Engineering-Team ) to the following LDAP groups: wmf, releng, and ciadmin.

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greg triaged this task as Medium priority.Nov 20 2018, 11:06 PM
greg created this task.

So this requires an entry in the admins module, and we already have a pending entry for her shell request. Can this wait and merge with that, or does it need to happen sooner (the other merge is set for Monday).

The reasoning to wait is that it simplifies its addition, not to add the account as an LDAP-only account later to change into a production access one.

This is done, could @jeena try to use his LDAP credentials to log in to, for example, grafana to test everything is ok?

Access request was tested, it was possible to loging to a bastion host, deployment host and to grafana, so this is done!