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Search index outdated (articles 9 months), became worse with LuceneSearch 2.1 activation
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Author: Wiki.Melancholie

At least on alswiki the search index is totally outdated (not updated anymore?), for several months now. In contrast, on dewiktionary the index is properly working and only some hours to one day old.

A user reported on April 17 that none of his articles he created this year got indexed, see [[als:User_talk:Melancholie#Suech_isch_nöd_aktualisiert]]. That is confirmed.

Everything got worse with the LuceneSearch 2.1 activation yesterday. On May 27 I was able to find a fresh contribution to my talk page via search, not so today! Not sure whether this is a Google-like effect, because of different servers having different indexes, but there is proof that all articles that are even more than one month old havn't got indexed so far, see
(article: [[als:Appetenzverhalten]])

Please move to [MediaWiki > Search] or [MediaWiki extensions > Lucene Search] if necessary.

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Severity: enhancement



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Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

  1. Articles created at the end of August 2008 got properly indexed (9 months ago).
  2. Articles created in September (e.g. [[als:Eibe]]) and later haven't!
  3. There seems to be a difference between articles and other namespaces (see initial report).

Wiki.Melancholie wrote:

Cut-off date seems to be September 17/18, with [[als:Eibe]] being one of the first articles missing in index.
The index has not been updated properly (for articles not at all) since that date.

rainman wrote:

Looks like the incremental indexer is broken, september is the initial index build. Going to fix it after the indexer is done building weekly spellcheck snapshots.

rainman wrote:

Updated and should keep updating fine from now.

jz53x wrote:

The same problem is on be-x-oldwiki. The cut-off date I found is between September 16 and September 19, and after this date articles are not indexed anymore, so the reason of this seems to be the same as for alswiki.

Could you please fix this as well? I reopen the bug.

rainman wrote:

For some reason i though it's a closed wiki so didn't bother to fix it.. Sorry and fixed now.