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Help mapping synonyms
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What is the problem?

Research has a list of Wikipedia article section titles in different language and would like to gather synonyms among them.

How can we help you?

We need one English and one Spanish experienced Wikipedia editors who are native speakers and can help us map section titles as synonyms or not.

What does success look like?

Completion of the en-r3 and es-r3 sheets of the document. Editors need access to edit. I'll give access once we identify editors.

What is your deadline?

As soon as as possible — we probably have around two weeks at most.

Event Timeline

Howdy @bmansurov, thanks for filing this request.
I have a clarifying question. Are these 2 people you are looking for in addition to others (staff) who have already received such a request privately? Have you/people in the team already targeted several colleagues, and hence there's a chance you got or you will get the resources you need before we even think about who to involve? (IIUC you are looking for exactly 2 people, while our calls are usually for larger groups.) Thanks.

Hi @Elitre. Yes, this is in addition to what we have. Some staff members havenʼt responded so we need exactly two people. If you think you can get more than two, Iʼll be happy to create more sheets because even the staff who said theyʻd do it may not have time to do it.

OK, great, let's see what we can do - with Thanksgiving and all the rest. :)

For @Zppix , @Jony , @Kaartic, @Ammarpad , @Justinhartman , @SMcCandlish ;

For @Lsanabria ,
please see task description and email bmansurov at to get access to the doc to help.

Thank you! (If you really can't help, please help us find someone else who can ASAP!)

I can help over the weekend. I emailed @bmansurov as requested.

Thanks everyone for helping out. The "Instructions" sheet contains detailed instructions about how to complete the task.

@Lsanabria I've given you the edit right on the spreadsheet.

I can help over the weekend. I emailed @bmansurov as requested.

That's simply amazing. Thank you so much.

(I claimed this so I can follow the evolution and make sure we get this done.)

I could help with the English one but there's one thing that I'm doubtful about. I'm not a native English speaker. So I'm not sure I could do this correctly, could I?

If required help for advanced English I could do it.

@Kaartic thanks! We'd prefer to have native experienced English editors in order to not let subtle mistakes in.

@Jony if you're a native English speaker and are an experienced enwiki editor, I'll send you an invitation to edit the file (if I can have your email — you can email me to let me know). Thanks!

@bmansurov I'm not native English speaker but my English level is good also I've two years experience on enwiki. If anything for me let me know I'll give you a email. Sincerely, ZI Jony.

@bmansurov Thanks for the info. It would be nice if you could add make requirements more specific in the task description :-)

@bmansurov , so you're still waiting for native EN speaker for this task to be solved, correct?

@Elitre yes, that's correct.

Sorry to be asking from time to time, but I gave people your email, so I can't tell whether anyone actually reached out unless you LMK. We're trying different things to find people here, and I imagine that the fact that people can't share the work may be a limit - LMK if I need to keep asking.

@Elitre thanks! It looks like we've got the data we need. I think we can mark this task as complete.

Thanks everyone for your help!