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Requesting +2 for Ebe123 on WikimediaIncubator
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The MediaWiki-extensions-WikimediaIncubator extension has been inactive for some time now. Along with @Hydriz (T209227), I would like to request +2 rights for the extension so that we can better collaborate on the extension. I am a bureaucrat on the Incubator, and have previously made patches and reviews on the extension (recently abandoned the latest one as it was showing its age).

I am also a maintainer of MediaWiki-extensions-Score.

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Ebe123 created this task.Nov 21 2018, 2:51 PM

+1. I hope that this nomination can be a form of pair programming so that we can get improvements merged in more frequently.

I'd support this request. @Ebe123 is a responsible and important leader in our community.

Legoktm closed this task as Resolved.Dec 2 2018, 1:55 AM
Legoktm claimed this task.