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input type = SF_Select
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Mediawiki 1.31
PHP 7.2
PageForms 4.3
Semantic Forms Select 3.1

I have a strange glitch with the display of the field with the type input type = SF_Select. I do not know this is a problem with the extension of Page Forms or Semantic Forms Select. The field is not displayed correctly. Attached image

In support of the extension of Semantic Forms Select do not answer me. Plus, the values ​​in this field disappear after saving the form. The next time you open the form, the field is empty. Please help me with this problem.

Here is the form code

{| class="formtable"
!Вид договора: {{#info:Вид договора клиента}} 
| {{{field|AllProtocols40|input type=SF_Select|function=ask:((Category:Виды договоров));format~list;sep~,;link~none;headers~hide;limit~500}}}
! Телефон:  {{#info:Контактный телефон клиента}}
| {{{field|Телефон|input type=text with autocomplete}}}
! Общая почта: {{#info:Общий адрес электронной почты}} 
| {{{field|mainemail|input type=text with autocomplete}}}

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