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Re-design WDCM Dashboards
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Align the design of the "old@ WDCM dashboards:

  • WDCM Overview
  • WDCM Geo,
  • WDCM Biases,
  • WDCM Structure,
  • WDCM Usage, and
  • WDCM Semantics

w. the standardized {shinydashboard} design of the new dashboards (WDCM (S)itelinks, WDCM (T)itles, Wiktionary Cognate Dashboard).

Optimize all dashboards (i.e. make them as client-side computations independent as possible) during the re-design, again following the logic of the (some) of the new dashboards.

Event Timeline

  • Begin CloudVPS sync w. the new WDCM update engine runs.
  • Begin deployment of the re-designed WDCM dashboards;
  • this might take several days.
  • WDCM Usage complete;
  • testing now and deploying.
  • New WDCM Usage dashboard deployed;
  • however, additional work is needed to fix several bugs.
  • Next steps: deploy new WDCM Semantics dashboard.
  • Following the necessary changes (see T204695), this will continue on the new wmdeanalytics.eqiad.wmflabs project.
  • Next step: re-design the Shiny portal/entry page to encompass all WMDE analytics.
  • user rstudio-untrusted can now run all WDCM dashboard on CloudVPS for testing purposes;
  • in "production" they are deployed from a goransm controlled crontab on CloudVPS; this is crazy
  • but it is a necessary measure in respect to T213977.
  • WDCM Semantics is now re-factored with an xml config file
  • Next steps: re-design and re-factor (T214337):
  • WDCM Geo (status: possibly broken update engine)
  • WDCM Biases (status: just keep this alive), and
  • WDCM Structure (status: needs major improvements, e.g. the introduction of Blazegraph GAS programs instead of SPARQL queries).
  • Main WDCM dashboards will not be functional in the following 24h or so (see T214337#5004758)

NOTE. Additional work will be required for this dashboard although it is fully functional at the moment.