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CX2: References that are just text inside <ref> are machine-translated, which is not necessarily desirable
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When there is a references that is plain text inside <ref>, for example <ref>Great book</ref>, CX2 automatically translates this text. This doesn't happen with references that use templates such as {{cite book}}.

For an example, translate the article Constitution Party (United States) (I tested with revision 869208594) to a language that supports machine translation, and click the paragraph that begins with the words "As of March 2018, the Constitution Party has 25 members elected". Note that the footnote in the end of the paragraph ("Winger, Richard, etc.") is auto-translated.

There are some cases in which it is desirable to auto-translate the content of a <ref>, for example if it's an explanatory footnote rather than a citation. But if it's a citation of an article, etc., it should usually remain unchanged.

It's possible to edit the auto-translated reference, but if you want to restore the original text, you'll have to type all of it by yourself, which is really non-robust. CX should provide the option to auto-translate and not to auto-translate each reference. Currently it's possible to disable the auto-translation on the level of a paragraph, but not on the level of a single reference.

Reported as part of CX2 outreach to the Hebrew Wikipedia.