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User interface modifications
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This is an umbrella task for UI tasks.

Show/hide top bar on scroll (leave colour stripe visible)MainPagecss
Modify search box to work well with mobile screenTopicSearchBoxcss
Edit and add title and description in the UITopicPageHeadercss, OAuth, Wikidata edit
Allow choosing header imageTopicImages, ImageViewer, TopicPageHeaderLocal storage (for Wikidata images OAuth needed), Vue
Create different header image options: still image, slideshow, video, portraits morphTopicPageHeader1. Css for the example. 2. Local data storage and the process for selecting for the full operation.
Fix the hover effect of the items in the components.All gallery views in the componentscss
Fix the display of text in the image gridTopicImagescss
Sort imagesTopicImagescss (and API)
Lazy loading imagesTopicImagescss (and API)
RTL supportT255530Allcss, Vuei18n, language management in Wikidocumentaries