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MediaWiki tasks
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This is an umbrella task for MediaWiki environment related tasks

Here's on overview from May 2019

Solve user registration and the storage of user data.

  • Basic user registration features can be handled by the MediaWiki.
  • Users are required to use their real names.
  • User accounts can be connected to Wikimedia accounts through OAuth to allow editing features.
  • Where to store user’s links with organisations, groups, content and discussion? It should not be publicly editable in the Wikibase. Can it be stored in MediaWiki or do we need to create additional databases for that data?

Visual Editor

  • Install VisualEditor for local articles.
  • Modify VE to allow linking to federated Wikibases (items/articles in the local Wikibase or Wikidata). We can solve this by creating id-based links and resolving them in Vue, but Visual Editor should be able to produce them.
  • Make a Citoid version that writes structured data preferably directly to Wikidata. Reference that source in Wikidocumentaries articles, and also in Wikipedia, if possible. Use for references in the Visual Editor in Wikidocumentaries.

Linking in WP articles

  • WP links can be resolved to Wikidocumentaries links but red links cannot. There have been proposals in WP to make red links that point to the Wikidata item. Wikidocumentaries could make use of this kind of data as well as write it when users disambiguate red links.
  • If the WD Citoid is created, it can be used to structure WP references

Event Timeline

Seems like there's a lot of overlap with the Wikispore project! We should talk some time.