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Status of deployment-redis0[56]?
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I just noticed these on Cumin and assumed someone had forgotten to drop their puppet node entries, so I went and deactivated/cleaned them there, then realised I had been running cumin without the puppetdb backend so these actually existing according to nova. I also see mediawiki-config.git still has references to them. However cumin is showing Permission denied (publickey). and I cannot log in normally or as root. Something is wrong here.

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Krenair triaged this task as Medium priority.Nov 23 2018, 5:41 PM
Krenair created this task.

I'm also seeing MW fatals resulting from the inoperable redis servers and the mediawiki-config for redis_lock that still references them.

dduvall claimed this task.

I just merged the final patch related to T210030: RedisBagOStuff is broken on beta that removed the stale redis server entries from the labs related mediawiki-config, and the instances are terminated.