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Language tasks
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Wikidocumentaries can display in any recognised language by adding a language parameter to the url. The interface can be translated to any language in, and those languages which have over 25% translated messages, can show up in the Wikidocumentaries languages menu.

The data about languages for the menu are stored in a local file. The file includes information about the language code, which is mapped to another code if necessary, and the language autonym, the name displayed in the language menu.

Remaining problems

  • A link in an article changes UI language when clicked > should not change user language
  • Address bar language is not in sync with the actual language
  • RTL support is needed for some languages, T255530
  • The fonts do not support all languages, see T229753
  • Not all autonyms are satisfactory > better source for them may be needed, see T230115 for a new query
  • 3-letter language codes are truncated in the router
  • The router fails altogether with language codes with a hyphen, see T230115. Research if languages with codes including hyphens can be used. Vuei18n seem to support it. Does our system take advantage of that?
  • Mapping languages to Wikipedias. It is unclear if there are discrepancies between resources in the use of language codes > needs to be explored, see T230115 (case roa-tara. How do we know which Wikipedia to map it to?)

Further work
[]Make it possible to add variables to translatable texts. See this plugin

Notes about languages in the Wikibase (to be expanded)

  • ULS extension is needed
  • Language listing of basic properties is dependent on ULS
  • ULS is dependent on geoip

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