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Reorganize Language team's stats dashboards scripts
Closed, DeclinedPublic


The Language team's stats dashboards config files and scripts are in several directories under the limn-language-data repo. @Milimetric suggested using as few directories as possible to ease maintenance and deployment, and putting Dashiki boards on as few web pages as possible, with multiple tabs.

My initial suggestion is:

  1. Have one Dashiki page and one directory in the repo for Interlanguage links stats ( ). It currently has "desktop", and it should also have "mobile" some day, and possibly some other related stats. So no change is needed here at the moment.
  2. Have one Dashiki page and one directory in the repo for the CX stats ( ):
    • CX2 translations
    • CX2 translators
    • MT Engines (currently includes CX1 and CX2, should be updated according to T210135.
  3. There needs to be configuration for Report Updater scheduling for T189475. It can probably be in the same directory as the previous point, and it should have a new generic name - ContentTranslation (rather than "cx2", "mt_engines", etc.). This unification will probably require puppet updates.