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Ignored lang-switch for multilingual SVG Images
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Steps to reproduce

App ignores lang-switch in references to multilingual SVG Images

Image in app is rendered in EN instead of DE, despite lang-switch set to DE
[[Datei:Germanterritorial losses 1919 and 1945.svg|lang=de|mini|Gebietsveränderungen Deutschlands 1918–1990]]
[[File:German territorial losses 1919 and 1945.svg|lang=de]]

Second Example:

Environments observed

on Android
Beta 2.7.265-beta-2018-11-19
Android 8.0.0
Samsung SM-G950F
Samsung Experience-Version 9.0

Ticket lives here:;TicketID=10885279

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Dbrant added a subscriber: Dbrant.

This does not relate directly to the app, since it's also reproducible in mobile web.

ovasileva triaged this task as Medium priority.Nov 27 2018, 4:15 PM
ovasileva added a subscriber: ovasileva.

@Dbrant - do you have a screenshot? I'm unable to reproduce from my side


  • Navigate to the page linked in the previous comment
  • Click on the third image, labeled "Gebietsveränderungen Deutschlands 1918–1990"
  • Observe that the text in the image is in English instead of German. (this is in contrast with Desktop behavior, where the SVG text is automatically translated to German)

image.png (991×1 px, 280 KB)