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Public Data for the WMDE Banner Campaigns Dashboard
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For the development of the WMDE Banner Campaigns Dashboard, we need the following datasets reviewed before letting them go public from stat1007:

  • /srv/home/goransm/RScripts/NewEditors/wmdeCampaignEvaluator/campaignEdits_dewiki.csv
  • /srv/home/goransm/RScripts/NewEditors/wmdeCampaignEvaluator/edits10_Update.csv

Both datasets contain (a) anonymized event_userId fields (SHA256), and (b) various data (some aggregated, some not) on the number of revisions made by the respective users.

These datasets have to go public because we will run the dashboard from a CloudVPS instance, and https is currently the only way to get the data from production there.

Thank you.

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GoranSMilovanovic created this task.
  • I will close this as invalid: a different schema is being applied and no user Id fields, hashed or not, will be used: merely aggregates will.