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Some arrows direction in SVG are wrongly rendered
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Image rendered by Wiki showing arrows with wrong direction

If you go to this URL:
and click the first SVG image (Life of a JSP file), the SVG image rendered by Wiki has arrows whose directions are wrong.

To illustrate this problem, I'll attach two images:

  • The first one is the screen capture of the Wiki-rendered SVG image where wrong arrows are circled in red.
  • The second one shows the correct image rendered by Firefox 3.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal


SVG-in-Wiki.png (398×711 px, 65 KB)



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Image rendered by Firefox 3 showing correct arrow directions


SVG-in-FF.png (463×857 px, 39 KB)

Assigning SVG bugs to Ariel -- need a cleanup pass to see what's fixed up by a librsvg upgrade, what can be resolved with fixes to our font configuration, what can be fixed on our end, and what still needs to be pushed upstream.

I've just checked this bug today (2010.11.04) and it is gone. So it's somehow fixed already.