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Elasticsearch health check for shards icinga check shows OK status when cluster health is yellow
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While rebooting logstash elasticsearch hosts I noticed that icinga shows OK while the cluster state is yellow. For example:

OK - elasticsearch status production-logstash-eqiad: status: yellow, number_of_nodes: 6, unassigned_shards: 0, number_of_pending_tasks: 0, number_of_in_flight_fetch: 0, timed_out: False, active_primary_shards: 86, task_max_waiting_in_queue_millis: 0, cluster_name: production-logstash-eqiad, relocating_shards: 0, active_shards_percent_as_number: 99.5726495726, active_shards: 233, initializing_shards: 1, number_of_data_nodes: 3, delayed_unassigned_shards: 0

Opening a task to review this and think about how best to alert on yellow cluster status without introducing excessive alert spam.

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the problem is yellow cluster status is part of normal operations. For example when a new index is created the cluster first goes to yellow as only the primary exists, then the replicas get allocated and the cluster comes back to green.

I suppose you could alert if it's been in yellow for X minutes?

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We have specific checks for things we actually care about. Having the cluster in yellow state is part of normal operations and should not alert.