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Track NFS statistics through Prometheus
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The diamond NfsdCollector will be removed (T183454) and we need a replacement for that.

It collects NFS statistics and number of open connections on port 2049.

The former needs the "nfsd" collector from node-exporter. Unfortunatelly that is not available in our 0.14 package currently.

For the later, we can use the "textfile" collector and have a cronjob that will output to a file that node-exporter will use to export the metrics (like it's done for the intel-microcode monitoring).

Another more time-expensive solution is to improve the "tcpstat" collector with per-port statistics (the information is already available in /proc/net/tcp but it's choosing to export just aggregate statistics).

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prometheus-node-exporter-0.17.0 is available through a feature flag in node_exporter.pp

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