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Map which works in doesn't render in
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Can somebody check why map renders in enwiki / but not in fiwiki? It has been broken couple hours now in fiwiki.

Doesn't work

In javascript console there is error: 400 (""Bad geojson - unknown type ExternalData") for,11,60.200933,24.960938,500x500.png?lang=fi&

However map works in and

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T192007 and T163239 are marked as dups of the investigation task T193458#4273610 and T196015 is still open. Not sure whether to close as dup or not...

@Aklapper, I wouldn't close as dup this kind of tasks before we improve the failure report.

@Zache it seems that is not happening anymore, is there anything else you want to add or can we close it as resolved?

@MSantos I didn't fix it so I guess that it was some kind of caching issue.

There was bad geojson in commons data file (bad revision) ) which started work in preview when the page was saved with KartoEditor (good revision). So my guess is that the backend didn't update the requested file and it used the broken geojson for fiwiki until cache expired but for it used the latest version. Now the cache was expired and map worked in fiwiki too.(?)

However, this is purely guessing and if there is actual logs it would be good to add information from them to the ticket.

Anyway, from my side ticket can be closed.

MSantos claimed this task.

Thanks! Feel free to reopen if needed.