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Allow staff to send a notice to suggestion submitter and all upvoters
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When someone suggests a new partner, others can upvote it. The list of upvoting users is stored in the database, and when the suggested collection becomes available, we manually send an email to the list of upvoters so that they are away a collection they cared about is now available. We want to automate this process so that we're not handling PII off-platform and the email sending is automated rather than manual.

Email text


This is an automated notice to let you know that a Wikipedia Library suggestion you upvoted, [SUGGESTION NAME], is now available!

You can now [apply for access to / access] [RESOURCE NAME] at [RESOURCE PAGE LINK].

If you have any issues or questions please contact us at

The Wikipedia Library team

[SUGGESTION NAME] should be the name of the original suggestion
"access" should display if the resource has the Library Bundle authorization method. "apply for access to" should display otherwise.
[RESOURCE NAME] should be the name of the selected resource
[RESOURCE PAGE LINK] should be the URL of the partner page for this resource

Acceptance criteria

  • For each suggestion at, there should be a button labeled "Notify upvoters".
  • This button should only be visible to users with the staff user right.
  • Clicking the button should present the user with a dropdown form containing a list of all available resources.
  • Selecting a resource and submitting the form should send the above email to all users who upvoted the suggestion.
  • After this action has been initiated, the button should no longer be present for this suggestion (this state should be stored in a way that staff can 'undo' this via /admin)

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