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Investigate possibility to show the generated history
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We currently do not show the query that is generated by the Advanced-Search Interface to the user. Allowing this would allow the user to learn more about the usage of the parameters and improve clarity about the way of working.

Investigate if/how it would be possible to show the generated history to the user either by default or as an option.

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TJones added a comment.EditedDec 5 2018, 2:32 PM

@MichaelSchoenitzer_WMDE —thanks for opening this ticket! It would be great to be able to see the generated query!

For reference, the discussion that led to this ticket is here. My use case is just being able to learn about search options and keywords from seeing the query.

But there's a related discussion where people are unsure what query is generated by "exact search"—though it's obviously not the one a lot of us thought it would be. Seeing the generated query would make it clear what it's doing, and make it easier to discuss changing either the documentation to create the right expectation, changing the query to match the current expectation, or some other method of bringing expectation and reality into alignment. That is, seeing the query would be good for debugging the query, the documentation, or the user.