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Toolbar/charinsert don't handle CodeMirror's multiple selections/cursors
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Edit any wiki page in normal mode, like, with CodeMirror on.
  2. Select two words in different places: select one word with the mouse, press Ctrl (⌘ on Mac), select another word.
  3. Press B icon on the toolbar to bold them.

Expected result:
Words become enclosed in ''', like this:

Actual result:
Both words are inserted into both cursor positions, like this:

Browser: Chrome on Windows 10.

The same applies to the <charinsert> tags.

Note that the new wikitext mode doesn't seem to support multiple cursors.

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Wow never knew CodeMirror supported this.. impressive. (cmd instead of ctrl on MacOSX btw).

Not sure if this can be supported, as jQuery.textSelection only supports a single selection.