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Make a copy of the current wb_terms table on the MCR testing DB servers
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I talked with @Marostegui who said we could work on a new schema for the wb_terms table (involving multiple things) on the MCR test servers if they were not being used for anything else.
I checked with @daniel that there servers are not being used for MCR reasons any more.

Could we please have a copy of the current wikidatawiki wb_terms table copied onto these servers?
Could we also please have a copy of the testwikidatawiki wb_terms table copied onto these server?

It is okay for this table to just be a snapshot, it doesnt need to be kept up to date.
Also we will need to clarify the access to these servers (afaik I still have an email from when they were initially used as MCR test servers) but I need to verify that I still have access.

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As we discussed, this is a one time thing we happen to be able to do now, but this cannot be guaranteed in the future.
I will restore wb_terms from the backups, it will take quite some time.

The access credentials haven't changed. Test them and if you cannot access it, let me know privately.

@Addshore wb_terms has been imported into db1111 (and replicated to db1112).
Please check that you have access and if not talk to me privately on IRC:

Looking good from my side!

test_wikiadmin@db1111(wikidatawiki)> show tables;
| Tables_in_wikidatawiki |
| wb_terms               |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)