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Rendering <chem>^3 [4]</chem> produces TeX parse error: Extra close brace or missing open brace
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The type of error frequently occurs when trying to render <chem> expressions even though no braces are missing.

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Huh, this is weird.

It looks like mathoid is not using mhchem 3.x but the much older unmaintained version -- to get the new one, the mathjax configuration needs mchem: {legacy: false} in the TeX block, cf. the mathjax docs.

Mhchem 3.x (even the somewhat dated version used in mathoid) should handle this fine (note again that chem content is turned into {\displaystyle \ce{... }

@Physikerwelt was this intentional? Changing this would be a major change with possible regressions. (I suspect it would be well worth it as the new extension is much more powerful and other sites like chem.SE went through it happily.)

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