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\overleftrightarrow incorrectly parsed
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Author: joshuagay

The overleftrightarrow is an ams-math function. However, Texvc treats it like it is a TeX function.

For example, <math>\overleftrightarrow{AB}</math> will throw the error " Failed to parse (PNG conversion failed; check for correct installation of latex, dvips, gs, and convert): \overleftrightarrow{A B}

Whereas, <math>\mathit{i}\overleftrightarrow{AB}</math> works.

I believe that the parser/tokenizer just needs to specify amsmath when it comes across \overleftrightarrow in the code. My workaround right now is dumb, such that I just force ams-math to be used in all latex processing.

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conrad.irwin wrote:

A check for other broken commands

The other commands that are still found by the test script are only listed because they are context-sensitive - with the exception of \cal and \bf, which seem to be part of the tokenizer, but not the parser.

648488a2946a4f3112bfeaf653e80ab0 @@ \limits
b9e24e3904043fa24da642569a97ac5f @@ \nolimits
5f48c2734fafcb1ec3de8b818abb1e6c @@ \hline
b9182c3919f2fd6c300ff250b06d26ae @@ \sideset
S @@ \cal
S @@ \bf
S @@ \big
S @@ \Big
S @@ \bigg
S @@ \Bigg
S @@ \bigl
S @@ \bigr
S @@ \Bigl
S @@ \Bigr
S @@ \biggl
S @@ \biggr
S @@ \Biggl
S @@ \Biggr
19f579d6a075ffa791abeb7cffcac76c @@ \color