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Increase quota in cloud-analytics project for zookeeper nodes
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Heya @Andrew, I need a bit more room in the cloud-analytics project. We need to run zookeeper there as well, and I had originally planned on colocating the zookeeper servers alongside the Hadoop master processes. However, I had forgot that there is an conflict between the zookeeper client packages from Debian (which we use to run the zookeeper server) and from Cloudera (which are needed to run Hadoop).

The Zookeeper nodes don't need to be beefy. Can I get room for another couple of small instances there?


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Ottomata created this task.

Looks like you have room for two more smalls with existing quotas -- is that space spoken for already?

OH! I think you are right, I was reading that wrong. Ok, I'll work with this for now. Thanks!