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Document the process for tagging, signing and preparing a tarball release.
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This should be everything:

# clone the release repo:
git clone ssh://  

# clone mediawiki/core:
git clone ssh://

# These version numbers need to exactly match the existing, signed git tags
# in mediawiki/core

OUTPUT_DIR=../../build # the tarballs get created here
MEDIAWIKI_DIR=../../core/ # the path to where you cloned mediawiki/core

# now run (eventually this will replace
cd release/make-release
./ --sign --previous $PREV_VERSION --output_dir $OUTPUT_DIR $MEDIAWIKI_DIR $THIS_VERSION

Verify that the files were created in ./build, check that the file sizes are in the right ballpark, etc. Once you have reassured yourself that the build is reasonable then the last step is to upload the files to the release server:

scp ./build/*$VERSION.tar* releases1001.eqiad.wmnet:/srv/org/wikimedia/releases/mediawiki/$MAJOR/

This is now documented on


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Dec 14 2018, 6:00 AM

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Maybe this info could be made a subpage of and linked from that opening paragraph on that page?

Turns out is a better way to do this, I'll write it up based on a different process than what's outlined in this task description.

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