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currently a page that lists a number of tutorials and walkthroughs. (original task description changed to correctly reflect the scope of just revising / improving the How-to page).

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Page has been updated but could use more useful content. Leaving open.

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Currently working on implementing subcategories to provide navigation to tutorials and how-to docs by language using page metadata instead of a manually-maintained page:

After I create and apply categories for the different programming languages, I'll be able to deprecate The revised Toolforge nav template will provide direct links to tutorials for the most popular programming languages (as evidenced by 2022 Cloud Services User Survey responses), and will link to the Tutorials category page as a full listing (I'll go back in later and clean up the sort keys so the pages sort by the programming language instead of page title).

Created and applied category metadata to pages for:

Next and final step is to figure out the best way to direct readers to the intersection of Toolforge category + these categories, or if that's even necessary since right now and likely for the foreseeable future, the only docs with these categories are Toolforge docs.

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