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Help panel: develop a way to guide wikis on generating the right help content
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As we deploy the help panel to successive wikis, we will be asking them to add their best help links to the panel. Since different wikis have help links of differing levels of quality, we may want to develop best practices around:

  • Which are the most important help pages to have (e.g. wikitext, the visual editor, notability, etc.)
  • What the content of those help pages should be. This could either be some main things to include, or they could be literal pages that can be translated.


We should probably wait until about February 2019 to decide whether to work on this, since that's when we will know whether newcomers are actually clicking on help links.

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(Trizek's part TBE in T213547.)

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The last Growth newsletter includes an invite for collecting feedback.

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We are moving this to Q4 for now, because @Trizek-WMF has other priorities around Talk Pages Consultation and getting additional wikis to be part of Growth work.

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Lowering priority since I'm not going to work on it soon.