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Banner test ipad dewiki #4
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Campaign settings as usual, exceptions displayed in bold.


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Campaign settings


Start Date2018-12-13
Start Time12:00 UTC
End Date2018-12-31
End Time23:00 UTC
Languagesde - German
User bucketing2
Limit traffic

Extra features

Legacy hiding and impression counting support

Set sample rate
Sample rate1
Banners might not display

Impression diet

Skip impressions0
Max impressions20
Wait time0

Banner settings

Display toAnonymous users
Display onipad

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@Tonina_Zhelyazkova_WMDE we see several problems with the "Weiter, um Spenden abzuschließen" button on ipad-pro (emulators). Tested on FF and Chrome. Is it possible that those emulators can be problematic with testing different devices or are those problems real? On my real ipad everything looks good.

@tmletzko hmm I don't really know. The iPad view in the Dev tools of Chrome is supposed to be the closest to the real deal.
On your real iPad do you open the banner on Safari or also on Firefox/Chrome? That might be the difference.
Also what exactly are the problems with the button?

Sorry for being unconcrete @Tonina_Zhelyazkova_WMDE When I simulate Ipad and IpadPro with chrome dev tools the button looks like this:

image.png (57×245 px, 2 KB)

So, there is nearly no space between text and button border.


The donate-button is cut-off or displayed in two rows and the Wunschbetrag-Label is cut-off

FF_emulator_ipad4.PNG (917×1 px, 132 KB)

FF_emulator_ipad4_2.PNG (889×1 px, 164 KB)

@tmletzko @Tobias_Schumann_WMDE I can't reproduce this on Chrome and Firefox on my laptop. The button label is always displayed in one row, there isn't much space on both sides of the label though.
I also looked at the banner on my iPad yesterday and it looked fine.
I'm not sure what else to do, do you want me to work on this to achieve some different result? What's the desired outcome if the banner looks fine on a real ipad?

I guess, it is ok then. Maybe there are browser/user-specific settings that generates different outcomes? But for now, consider it as fine.

Apple doesn't allow third party rendering engines, which means any browser on an Apple device uses the Safari rendering engine WebKit. Therefor there shouldn't be major differences of how a page is rendered on different browsers. As long as it looks ok on Safari then it should be fine on the rest of the browsers on an iPad.
The Dev tools emulators might be just simulating the exact resolution of the few iPads out there.