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Enable signature button on meta in main space
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When trying to add my signature on meta to endorse a project, I noticed that the signature button is grayed out in VE, so I couldn't add it. I had to switch to wikitext.

Please enable the signature button because it is useful to endorse projects or add support.

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The signature button is only enabled on namespaces marked as "wantSignatures" in MWNamespace.php. This is the same behaviour as WikiEditor. Extra namespaces can be added per-wiki through the $wgExtraSignatureNamespaces config, so if you think one has been missed you can request a specific namespace be added on a specific wiki (see for example T133978 or T195588)

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Hello @Micru
Even if the requested configuration does not represent a major change, please start discussion somewhere on-wiki to get a consensus.

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@Micru: This task is not invalid ("when the problem is not a bug, or when it is a change that is outside the power of the component's developers") until there are specific reasons provided.

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User is disabled and anyone else is unlikely to provide a community consensus link. Closing as invalid, then.