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New uploads receiving apparently false empty-file API errors
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For the past 24 hours my Pywikibot based upload projects have been receiving the error response:

empty-file: The file you submitted was empty.

Example upload failures from direct url upload white-listed sources are:

Using a local cache and uploading from that appeared to make no difference, neither did uploading from my bot account. The local cache copies show there is nothing different about the files compared to previous batch upload runs from the same sources.

In the meantime, file overwrites using the same pywikibot upload module are working. Example at 13:33 today.

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Isn't this more likely an API connectivity issue?

Connectivity from where to where? The direct URL upload does not even touch my client end, so I have no idea what can be checked.

After 24 hours of "outage", the exact same sources are now uploading. Nothing has changed with my account or upload scripts, so something must have changed operationally.

This can be handled as a temporary bug, but without understanding the cause, this could knock out batch upload projects at any time.