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create IRC channel for the Service Operations SRE subteam
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per the Service Operations meeting today, we want to create an IRC channel for the subteam


  • it should be public
  • it should follow the same naming scheme as other subteam channels #wikimedia-serviceops
  • we should add it on and possibly the -operations channel topic or other places to advertise it
  • we need to determine which bots we need, if any and then make them join / add to their config (wm-bot for logging, wikibugs for phab notifications, subtasks)
  • we want public logging setup
  • we possibly want notifications for Phab tickets tagged with our subteam tag (to be created), needs wikibugs and the tag, 2 subtasks
  • set up access list so at least some users can become op if needed to fight vandalism etc
  • determine if anyone can set topic or only ops (mode +/- t) (it's default -t for now)

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Do we want a feed of changes to the subteam's tickets in the channel?

Do we want a feed of changes to the subteam's tickets in the channel?

I think we should try and see how it goes, after we have our project ready - T209522

Dzahn triaged this task as Medium priority.Dec 13 2018, 10:22 PM

Hi Mark, this ticket is resolved since a while except that one check box to setup an access list and add admins. I see currently you are on it and the wmf group contact. Is that good enough and we close it or do you want to add more channel admins?