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Expose PHP7/HHVM to NavTiming in a header, send with navtiming beacon so we can use it as a dimension
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@Gilles @Krinkle Based on the work that you've been doing with NavTiming over the last few months, is this something that would be easy to do? (Either add a header to the response that specifies whether the page in question was served by PHP7/HHVM, or reading the cookie that we'll be setting on the client side to direct people to the A/B group.)

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If there's already a cookie planned to enable that, I think that's the easiest thing to use here. Server-Timing has limited cross-browser support at this point:

bd808 added a comment.Dec 13 2018, 9:44 PM

During the HHVM rollout, mw.config.get( 'wgPoweredByHHVM' ) would tell you if the page was being rendered via HHVM or not: rEWMV973c7340e75f: Inject 'wgPoweredByHHVM' JS config var if powered by HHVM

Joe added a comment.Dec 14 2018, 9:07 AM

The application server layer, and the caching layer are set to recognize the cookie PHP_ENGINE and send traffic to php-fpm if the value is php7.

Responses from php and hhvm can be told apart from their X-Powered-By header too.

I think we can do the same thing that was done back in the day - expose the rendering engine as a config value that can be used directly in javascript.

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